2016 Festival Program

Friday, May 20th


9:00PM - 11:00PM:

Clover Point
Kites with Lights Event featuring LED lit kites gliding through the night skies to music.  Everyone is welcome to come enjoy the performances!

Saturday, May 21st, and Sunday, May 22nd

(9AM - 5PM)

 Open Skies

  • General Public and Professionals Welcomed to Fly Kites All Day!
  • Large Show Kite Presented by Professional Fliers!
  • Kid’s Activities
  • Food Village

Daily Upper Field Program

  • Giant Kite Zone (Registered Flyers)
  • General Public Kite Flying
  • Kid's Kite Making Zone (Kid's Kite Kits $3)

Daily Lower Bowl Program (Audiences Only)

  • Canadian Anthem Kite Fly by Connor Doran and Registered Flyers Multi-line Free Fly
  • Kid's Teddy Bear Drop
  • Kid's Entertainment Program
  • Kid's Bol Races
  • Single and Multi-Line Kite Demonstrations
  • Quad-Line Mega Fly
  • Closing/Announcements

**Please note there will be no traffic access on Saturday and Sunday, except handicap vehicles. Please inform the traffic director at the main gate for handicap parking access.**

**Also, there will not be an ATM/cash machine on site, so please remember to bring cash as not all food vendors may offer card services and also for merchandise including kid's kite kits which are $3.00.**