Featured Fliers

Below are our Featured Fliers for 2016!


Amy Doran

With 5 AKA Grand National titles under her wing, Amy’s goal is to share kiting and the joy it brings with people around the world.  As part of the Dare to Dream Team she works with Epilepsy Foundations where she travels to raise Epilepsy Awareness and connect people with their local Foundations for support. Their appearances have including speaking and performing in Washington DC, full production performances, and corporate events.


Brad Bixby

Brad resides in Washington and flies in the #2 position for ‘Island Quad’, a Revolution Kite flying group in Victoria. He first witnessed the wonder of flying Revolution Kites in 2004 while attending a Kite Festival in Washington and soon after his retirement in 2005 he was concentrated on building his team flying skills.  Brad was asked to join Island Quad in 2008, where he is treasured for his approachable nature and positive attitude!


Bob Wendt

Bob is the president of the Pierce County Kitefliers Association and a member of a number of kiting groups including the American Kitefliers Association. He is involved with all aspects of kiting and has been an announcer at many northwest festivals in the past twelve years. This year Bob and his wife, Donna, will be the emcees at our festival!


Cathie Jung

Cathie lives in Burnaby, British Columbia and has been flying kites for 16 years! As a previous member of the British Columbia Kiteflyers Association (BCKA), she now sits in her second year as President of BCKA and enjoys being a part of a group of like-minded people. For Cathie, she loves the hobby of kiting because “it allows personal creativity in making kites, opportunities to fly dual line kites with a partner, and opportunities to teach children during kite making workshops at festivals and in schools.”


Connor DoranConnor Doran

Connor Doran flew his way to NBC’s America’s Got Talent Top 12 on season 5, making him one of the world’s best known kite fliers. Connor auditioned along with 90 000 people and brought indoor kite flying to the world. As part of the Dare to Dream Team he works with Epilepsy Foundations where he travels to raise Epilepsy Awareness and connect people with their local Foundations for support. Their appearances have including speaking and performing in Washington DC, full production performances, and corporate events.


Dianne O’Brian

In 1990, after many visits to her local flying field, Dianne’s interest in kites took hold. Her first kite was a two-line kite which Dianne enjoyed because they could be controlled to do precise maneuvers and ‘tricks’. Dianne spent countless hours, days and weeks practicing and soon joined the provincial kite club in BC, the BC Kiting Association (BCKA), where she continues to share her personal experiences, knowledge and skills locally, and around the world. At our festival Dianne represents BCKA, while bringing her knowledge and passion to our Kid’s Kite Workshop where she teaches children to make and fly their very own kites for a small fee of $3.00.


Donna Wendt

Donna is a member of many Kitefliers Associations and competes in Indoor kite flying with the NW Sport Kite League, where she won championships in both 2014 and 2015. She can typically be seen flying a single line pterodactyl kite, but also flies outdoor sport kites, display kites and handcrafted kites. Donna attends most kite festivals on the west coast and takes an active role as DJ. Her and her husband, Bob will be the emcees during our 2016 festival.


Jeanie + Archie Clay

Archie and Jeanie are visiting from Oregon and have decorated the sky with kites for most of their 49 years together. Their motto is “Always get your playing done first, then you can go to work.”

After meeting a famous kite builder, Archie and Jeanie became hopelessly addicted to exhibition kites and now own over 200, which they use to fill the skies at festivals like ours! In 1998 their passion for playing in the wind on Oregon’s beautiful sandy beaches led them to founding the Rogue Valley Windchaser kite club.


Jeremy and BarbJeremy Perceval

Jeremy started flying kites in the late 80’s while vacationing along the Washington and Oregon coast. He does the Teddy Bear drop at the BCKA’s Pacific Rim Kite Festival at Vanier Park in Vancouver; the Victoria Kite Festival; the Lion’s Parksville Kite Festival and helps out at other kite festivals held in Washington and Oregon. For eight years he organized the annual White Rock International Kite Festival which included Kite makers and their displays plus Rokaku competitions.


Kristian SlaterKristian Slater

Kristian, son of Scott Slater, has grown up learning to help with kites making him an accomplished flyer. He started out flying single line display kites and found his way into sport kites in 2007. First competing indoors and eventually taking his talents to outdoor competitions as well. Kristian will be in both the show kite and sport kite area of the festival this year.


Mario Di Lucca

Originally from Argentina, Mario now lives in Victoria, BC, and has been flying kites ever since he can remember. He has competed in individual, pairs and team precision and ballet level events and can fly both indoor and out. Mario’s latest passion is kite building and recently won first place at the apprentice and journeyman handcrafted competition at the Washington State International Kite Festival. As one of the core members and founders of ‘Island Quad’, Mario has often performed at kite festivals throughout British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Washington, Oregon and New Jersey.


Mike Tracy

Mike resides in Seattle, Washington and is the newest member of Island Quad, a Revolution Kite group in Victoria, where he joined in 2011. He has flown single-line kites most of his life but was drawn to iQuad when he saw them flying at night, with lights at the Washington State International Kite Festival in 2005. During periods of light winds Mike can usually be found making  giant bubbles and interacting with kids with his bubble solution filled ‘bucket of smiles’.


Nic O’Neill

Nic O’Neill was a previously HQ Powerkites sponsored Snowkiter, with her home roots in Washington State. She met Paul at the Washington State International Kite Festival, and it was love at first flight. From then on, they have been traveling and performing together.


Paul De BakkerPaul De Bakker

Paul de Bakker was born and raised in the Netherlands, and moved to the USA in 2006. He is an engineer by trade, with over 20 years of experience as a kite designer, builder and performer. He has 5 Dutch National Championships and 6 US National Championships as a Sport Kite flier and a National Championship as a kite builder. His designs are flown all over the world by some of the best kite fliers around.


Penny Lingenfelter

Penny Lingenfelter

Penny Lingenfelter has been flying kites for 25 + years. As a professional flyer she’s traveled across the world, but she calls Port Orchard, WA her home. “It’s not about my kite flying anymore, but about the families joining in. Come on down to the festival and try my kites, or take part in one of my kite skits,” says Penny who has been seen flying as Peter Pan, Cat in the Hat, Mario, Genie and more. Called the Ambassador of Kites in Lincoln City, she would like the audience to know that kites are more fun to fly than just watching them.


Rod + Cindy Thrall

Rod & Cindy  live & play in Newberg, Oregon, U.S.A. Their love of kiting began during an anniversary trip to the Oregon coast in 1992, where they flew along the beach, and quickly led to their exploration and passion for everything the kiting world had to offer. Rod & Cindy are both Master’s Class kite builders, with Rod specializing in large, soft kites; and Cindy emphasizing Banner Art. They are very excited to be here and look forward to coloring the sky over the festival weekend.


Sari Becker

Sari is a kite enthusiast from Abbostford, British Columbia, who first became exposed to team flying in 2011 at the PacRim Kite Festival. She instantly knew she needed to expand her kite collection and later that year bought her first quad-line kite. Sari practiced solo for four months before attending a Revolution kite clinic, where she first experienced team flying and her obsession began. Sari now spends all her free time flying and schedules most of her vacations around kite festivals throughout BC. You know you’ve found Sari when you spot the ‘stained glass rainbow’ kite in the sky!


Scott Slater

Scott has been enjoying a life with kites for the last 25 years. He is locally known in Tacoma, Washington for his Bol kites which come in a variety of diameter sizes. He finds that this is the best hobby ever, where family comes first and friends become family.


Steve De Rooy

Steve has been involved in all aspects of kite flying for well over twenty years. He’s also spent a number of years in the power kite flying arena – kite buggying, kite surfing and mountain boarding. From the very beginning of this addicting sport, Steve was involved in single line, dual-line and quad-line kites. His enjoyment primarily comes from watching new fliers come out and try this wonderful sport. His kind smile, gentle nature, and seemingly endless patience have made him an integral part of the kiting community.


Terry Wiggill

Terry lives in Victoria BC and began his love of kiting while flying an old two-line kite given to him by a friend who flies kites with his father.  After being hooked immediately Terry became fascinated with the precision and control demonstrated by local fliers and their four-line kites. Now Terry is the leader of ‘Island Quad’, a quad-line flying team, where he is in charge of creating and calling out the moves during demonstrations.


Travis Reedy

Travis began flying kites indoors at the age of 10, and has since joined ‘Team Evidence’ as their third member where he now flies and competes in outdoor competitions as well. Back in 2014 Travis competed with his team at the World Sportkite Championships and keeps busy by giving indoor demos for schools around the Pacific Northwest. His teammates boast that Travis “has the heart and hands and is becoming an amazing flyer”.


Willow Robin

Willow was first introduced to the world of Kite flying by Steve de Rooy in 2008 and was mentored by other experienced pilots along the way. Willow grasped that feel of what it really means to ” Own your Hover” and went on to become one of the founding members of Team Island Quad in 2009. She is now one of the four founding members of The Phoenix Kite Collective. Her gregarious spirit and huge heart is well known amongst the kite community and is the driving force behind her passion to help others learn the sport.